Andrew and Sharon at Rye Harbour, EnglandWho are we?

Many of you will have known us for longer than you care to remember and so can skip this section and go on to more exciting things! However for those of you who have stumbled across the site - Welcome. So lets get the boring bit over and done with:

Andrew North. Born 1963. Spent most of his working life in the family business running a print company. In 2004 the business was sold allowing Andrew to take some time out to travel.

Sharon North. Born 1960. Never stayed with one company for very long! Started in the Travel industry - first in retail and then in sales. Left the travel industry in the 1990's and ran an antiques company with her Father. Then moved on to banking and gave up work in June 2004 to prepare for the trip.

We married in May 1986 and decided to keep cats in preference to children. Most of married life was spent living in a wrecked house, doing it up and usually selling it just as the last of the paint was drying. Andrew is one of these people who can turn his hand to anything and Sharon has absolute faith in his abilities and expects him to fix/build anything!